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brand:HOSHINAdesign: Arflex Japan R&D
Tavolo Nave means “ship table” in Italian, revealing the nautical inspiration for this table, whose keel-like top features thin sides and a thick center line. The gentle curves leisurely trace a graceful look.
The overall shape emanates a sense of robust sturdiness, providing a composed mood just right for moderately formal dining occasions.
Arflex Japan R&D

Arflex Japan’s design unit

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brand:HOSHINA /design: Arflex Japan R&D
    Finish: Urethane-coated white oak veneer, urethane-coated white oak veneer in dark gray oak color, urethane-coated white oak veneer in gray oak color, urethane-coated black walnut, or urethane-coated black walnut in dark black walnut color

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