design: Carlo Colombo
A svelte frame and compact dimensions give shape to a design that is simple yet distinctively modern. Shin’s low stature of 72 cm is on par with the height of the typical dining table, creating a beautiful unified look.
Compressed urethane provides comfort to the seat, which is supported by a frame that is both sturdy and lightweight.
Shin is a remarkable fusion of the essence of a chair with an innovative concept.
Carlo Colombo

Born in Italy, Carlo Colombo studied architecture and industrial design at the Polytechnic University of Milan. In addition to his many product design projects for well-known manufacturers in Italy and elsewhere, he designs houses and the interiors of commercial establishments. He is one of the most closely watched members of the world of interior design.

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brand:HOSHINA /design: Carlo Colombo
    Frame: Urethane-coated solid oak, Solid oak in dark gray oak color, Solid oak in gray oak color, Urethane-coated solid black walnut , Solid black walnut in dark black walnut color

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