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design: Patrick Norguet
W.1200 D.900 H.350 / W.900 D.900 H.350 / W.900 D.600 H.420 / W.750 D.600 H.420
This living room table sports a unique stacked design, featuring two rectangular tops of different heights. The tops are available in two finishes?marble or wood with texture added across the grain?and in two choices of size and height. Just one Rivoli alone adds a dynamic touch to any setting, while mixing two or more in different finishes and dimensions enables you to create a broad range of expression.
Patrick Norguet

Born in 1969 and based in Paris, Patrick Norguet partners with many international furniture brands and engages in a wide range of interior design projects for hotels, restaurants and luxury fashion boutiques. He is hailed for his high standards of craftsmanship for industrial products. One of his trademark creations, the 1999 “Rainbow Chair,” was selected to grace MoMA’s collection.
https://www.patricknorguet.com 〈photo by Dimitri Coste〉

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brand:HOSHINA /design: Patrick Norguet

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