design: Anna von Schewen
Left W.655 D.655 H.350mm Right W.905 D.905 H.415mm
A totally new impression is created by this table combining a glass top with a frame free of any sharp corners. The smooth, curvaceous frame exhibits the natural beauty of the wood grain, adding a gentle look not often seen in glass tables. The flanged upper frame reassuringly embraces the glass top like a tray and makes it easier to draw the table toward you.
A perfect match with any sofa or other interior item, Pond stands out for its soft, beautiful curves, which are a pleasure both to see and touch.
Anna von Schewen

A native of Stockholm, Anna von Schewen graduated from the city’s University College of Art, Craft and Design in 1995 and began working at the design studio of Niels Gammelgaard in Copenhagen. In 1997, she returned to Stockholm to open her own studio, and since then has designed furniture and other products in collaboration with many clients in Sweden and abroad. She also carries out projects in exhibition design and architecture.

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brand:HOSHINA /design: Anna von Schewen
    Top: Available in transparent glass (tinted in gray or bronze) or colored glass (beige or brown).
    Frame: Select from urethane-coated solid oak (natural, dark oak, or gray oak finish) or black walnut. 

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