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design: C.O.D.
As its name suggests, this lounge chair is designed to let you easily rest yourself upon it, without any arms that might get in your way when sitting down or standing up. Also, the gently elastic upholstery gives you relaxing comfort without sacrificing firm support.
Perch’s lightweight construction makes it easy to move around, and the simple covering system can be readily replaced with a different style when you want to create a new look. This versatile chair can be used to add a special accent to all sorts of settings.
Available in a sporty low-back or angled high-back design.

This design team was put together on Saipan in 1998 by Arflex Japan founder Tadashi Hoshina. For many years, the team has created products designed to be constantly cherished by their users no matter how the times may change. After relocating its base of operations to Tokyo in 2015, the team has continued to partner with product designer Takuya Fujito to develop new lifestyles in many different ways.

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brand:HOSHINA /design: C.O.D.
    Frame: urethane-coated solid oak, solid oak in dark gray oak color, solid oak in gray oak color, urethane-coated solid black walnut, or urethane-coated solid black walnut in dark black walnut color
covering system mark
Products with this mark feature a removable covering system. You can purchase an extra cover to use when the other cover is at the cleaner’s or to have fun changing the look of your product with different seasons.
●This feature is available only for selected arflex brand products.
●Leather upholstery is not removable.

fabric & material

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  • To help you enjoy many years of comfort and pleasure from your HOSHINA products, we offer a diverse lineup of maintenance services, including production of replacement covers, sofa re-upholstering, and recoating of wood surfaces.
  • Find out more about the constant commitment to fine craftsmanship that enables us provide you with many years of comfort and pleasure.