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design: Sergio Brioschi
Beautifully sculptured solid wood legs accentuate the gentle, sophisticated look of this living room table. Like the Linea table, Montebello features a distinctively compact width, and the lithe proportions allow this table to amply serve in various positions around the sofa.
Two height selections are available, further enhancing the convenience of this jaunty table.
Sergio Brioschi

This native of Milan and graduate of the city’s Scuola Politecnica di Design worked for architects Mario Bellini and Antonio Citterio before opening Brioschi Studio in 1994. He pursues many projects in fields such as industrial design, interior design, and corporate image building. In 2005, Arflex Japan became his first partner in Japan.

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brand:HOSHINA /design: Sergio Brioschi
    Top/legs: Urethane-coated white oak veneer, urethane-coated white oak veneer in dark gray oak color, urethane-coated white oak veneer in gray oak color, urethane-coated white oak veneer in white oak color, urethane-coated dark black walnut, or urethane-coated dark black walnut

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