design: Jin Kuramoto
JK renders a classical chair form in a modern reinterpretation that embraces you with elegant arms defined by gentle curves and well-proportioned arching. It also features a sensible covering system available in fabric or leather.
A subtle enhancement of the quality of your everyday life.
Jin Kuramoto

Born in Awaji Island in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture in 1976, Jin Kuramoto is a graduate of Kanazawa College of Art. After working as a designer for consumer electronics firm, he founded Jin Kuramoto Studio in 2008. His work focuses mainly on designing and developing furniture, electric appliances, and daily necessities for clients around the world. Honors received include the IF Design Award and the Good Design Award, among many others.


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brand:HOSHINA /design: Jin Kuramoto
    Finish: Choose from urethane-coated solid oak, solid oak in dark gray oak color, solid oak in gray oak color, solid oak in white oak color, urethane-coated solid black walnut, or urethane-coated solid black walnut in dark black walnut color
covering system mark
Products with this mark feature a removable covering system. You can purchase an extra cover to use when the other cover is at the cleaner’s or to have fun changing the look of your product with different seasons.
●This feature is available only for selected arflex brand products.

fabric & material

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  • To help you enjoy many years of comfort and pleasure from your HOSHINA products, we offer a diverse lineup of maintenance services, including production of replacement covers, sofa re-upholstering, and recoating of wood surfaces.
  • Find out more about the constant commitment to fine craftsmanship that enables us provide you with many years of comfort and pleasure.