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design: C.O.D.
W.1800 D.800 H.900mm
This series of tables and chairs offers two table heights, a 72-cm dining type and a 90-cm counter style. The chairs put sitting people closer to the eye level of those standing, and make it easier to sit down and stand up, with no stress on the knees. This accessibility makes the counter-style table a hub of activity, a place where people can readily congregate and interact.
In addition to serving your dining room needs, the versatile Credo series can also be used as a cozy family dining setting in the kitchen, a work space for the living room, or eye-catching furniture for offices and bars.
The table top is available in transparent colored glass or Dekton, an ultraceramic with a tough surface highly resistant to abrasion, heat, and chemicals, so you can enjoy using your table dynamically without worrying about marring its appearance.

This design team was put together on Saipan in 1998 by Arflex Japan founder Tadashi Hoshina. For many years, the team has created products designed to be constantly cherished by their users no matter how the times may change. After relocating its base of operations to Tokyo in 2015, the team has continued to partner with product designer Takuya Fujito to develop new lifestyles in many different ways.

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brand:HOSHINA /design: C.O.D.
    Top: Choose from transparent colored glass (tinted in gray or bronze), or Dekton (Danae or Keon).
    Legs: Available in a combination of wood (four color selections) and casted aluminum/steel pipe in two colors of powder coating.

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