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brand:HOSHINAdesign: C.O.D.
A round solid wood top with a bold yet gentle look is marvelously merged with a dynamic metal-cast pedestal in this table. The pedestal is weighted to increase stability, making it possible to minimize the footprint so that you can have greater freedom of choice in where you sit and where you place the chairs. The proportions also lend a modern impression to the design.
The top is available in two types of solid wood, and the pedestal comes in two color selections. A splendid embodiment of the beauty of utility.

This design team was put together on Saipan in 1998 by Arflex Japan founder Tadashi Hoshina. For many years, the team has created products designed to be constantly cherished by their users no matter how the times may change. After relocating its base of operations to Tokyo in 2015, the team has continued to partner with product designer Takuya Fujito to develop new lifestyles in many different ways.

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brand:HOSHINA /design: C.O.D.
    Top: Urethane-coated solid wood (choose from oak or black walnut)

    Pedestal: Available in matte white or matte bitter brown

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