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HOSHINA offers a wide variety of fabrics, leather, and wood finishes that lets you enjoy the pleasure of coordinating your interior to suit your tastes in color, texture, and more.

  • fabrics

    From standard selections to trendy new designs, we offer around 30 types of high-quality fabrics in 200 colors, produced mainly in Japan and Italy. They are divided into five classes (F2–F6) that represent different price ranges. Select the fabric that best suits the product, your color and texture preferences, and your budget.

  • leather

    Our leather selections for covering your sofa or chair include superb real cow leather, leather tape for woven upholstery like that of the NT chair, and more. Enjoy the charming, graceful aging that only natural materials like leather can deliver. You can choose from 37 colors and four classes (L1–L4) that represent different price ranges.

  • wood Finishes

    Choose from woodgrain finishes that highlight the natural beauty of wood—white oak, black walnut and more—or painted finishes in dark tones, gray or other coloring. We’re sure that you’ll find the right color and texture for you.

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