Our constant commitment to fine craftsmanship means that you can count on getting the most out of your HOSHINA creations for years and years. Expertise built up over decades and uncompromising standards of quality empower us to continuously offer ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s lifestyles.
  • The use of a computer-controlled fabric cutting machine has enabled us to increase efficiency and quality. The system accurately gauges the fabric thickness and minimizes waste as it cuts patterns.

  • The supple, graceful form of a sofa can be made or broken by its covering, and so we add the human touch to the sewing process. Highly trained experts sense the subtle differences in fabric thickness and softness and adjust the sewing as needed.

  • This is the steel frame that goes inside the Panetun.
    During assembly, the frame is covered with a soft urethane foam. 
    Even with smaller personal products, we never skimp on quality.