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casa mia kawaguchi-ko
Casa Mia—“my home” in Italian—is no mere showroom; it is a world where you can experience the vast potential of furniture in helping you to live your dream lifestyle. Here, you will find the ideal living space as imagined by HOSHINA, and understand the genesis of our vision.

where home life begins

Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji near Lake Kawaguchi, casa mia kawaguchi-ko is a total product presentation center that neatly encapsulates the HOSHINA vision.

It was established in 1987 as a place where visitors can see with their own eyes HOSHINA’s diverse ideas for enriching their lifestyles, and fully experience the fantastic potential of our furniture when placed in a real home setting.

Casa Mia comprises five buildings set on expansive wooded grounds: a large showroom, three model houses designed with different themes, and a product design center with overnight accommodations.

Here, you can escape the clamor of the big city and relax as you encounter living, breathing interior designs and leisurely explore our naturally lit showroom nestled in quiet woods. Take your time—there’s so much to see and experience.

casa mia kawaguchi-ko video

show room

Our show room allow you to experience snippets of the lifestyle vision we cultivated at casa mia kawaguchi-ko, at convenient locations in major cities. At each show room you can wander through booths expressing different lifestyles and see in detail the many possibilities for furniture layouts, materials, color matching, and more.